Our business is operated as a Social Enterprise trading arm of Platfform, a leading Welsh charitable organisation specialising in mental health support and well – being innovative approaches. Platfform works with people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, and with communities who want to create a greater sense of connection, ownership and wellbeing in the places that they live. Platfform’s mission is to operate a portfolio of socially responsible businesses that:

  • invest surplus profits in improved mental health and wellbeing;
  • think differently about mental health, business and profit;
  • Provide supportive and empowering working environments.

Our principled approach to facilities management applies to every part of our organisation, cascaded throughout our Company via our Business Ethics, Corporate and Social Responsibility ethics, Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy. This means that our business decisions are not only based on financial considerations but also the immediate and long-term social and environmental consequences of our activities.

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