In considering any review to facilities services there is the element of change and transitional procedures to consider. We understand that this needs to be managed effectively so that for all parties, particularly you and the site based personnel, the change process is seamless and portrayed as an opportunity rather than a threat.

We bring transferring staff into our “family” at the earliest opportunity and a critical part of the mobilisation period would be devoted to their welfare and wellbeing. We hold various “Clinics” designed as open forums giving an overview of APP UK, the company and philosophy, opportunities for discussion and one to one counselling sessions for personal queries and concerns to be talked through.

Our mobilisation team is comprised of key members of the management support team (who would continue to manage the contract from startup) and support personnel from our Head office who assist on a project led basis.

A detailed mobilisation Gantt chart would be given to you with weekly up – dates on progress for a seamless take-over. By empowering individuals with key responsibilities and communicating effectively, we ensure that the Contract begins as we mean it to continue.